Terms & Conditions

We recommend that you print out a copy of these terms and conditions for your future reference.
As a user of this website, you should ensure that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions of Use before ordering any products via our website.

Contract terms

It is our intention that the terms of the contract between All Things Sweet and you the customer are all contained in:
these Terms and Conditions of Use;
our Privacy policy
our Disclaimer
our Shipping and Delivery Policy
and our Cancellation and Refund Policy
We intend that the terms of our contract will also include any special agreed terms that have been subsequently discussed, confirmed and agreed in writing between you and us.

Changes to these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to modify, alter or otherwise update these terms and conditions and the content of our web pages (including details of prices, products and offers) at any time.
You will be asked to read and accept the terms and conditions each time you place an order, to ensure that you are familiar with the most current ones.


Your offer to purchase our products
Orders can be submitted by completing the online order form on our website and clicking on the “I Confirm My Order” button.

Acknowledgment of your order

Once you have submitted your order to us, we shall endeavor to confirm the details of your order by email within 24 hours. Please note that although this email constitutes notification of the receipt of your offer, it does not constitute our acceptance of your order.

Acceptance of your order & formation of our contract

Unless specifically accepted by us as set out below, we will not be bound by any orders submitted by you via this website.
Our contract with you is formed only when we have accepted your order by delivering the products you have offered to purchase (in which case the date of formation of the contract is the date on which we attempt to deliver the goods)
if earlier, sending you notice of our acceptance by email or by post (in which case the date of formation of our contract is the date shown on that notice of acceptance).
All contracts shall be concluded in the English language.

Rejection of your order

It is entirely at our discretion to accept or reject any order submitted by you. Our acceptance of such orders is always subject to the authorization of your payment card, availability of stock at the stated price and confirmation that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions by ticking the relevant box on our “checkout” webpage.
If for whatever reason we are unable to accept your order, we shall notify you of this promptly and shall provide you with Vouchers. These Vouchers can be used on our site for future purchases, which are equivalent of any prepayments made by you.


Products ordered via this website can only be delivered to addresses in Delhi & Gurgaon / Delhi (and such other cities as may be specifically detailed in our website), is the address provided by you in your order.
All goods to be delivered will be sent by our dispatchers or with a signed for service depending on the value of the goods.
If we accept your order, we shall use every means possible to deliver the goods you have ordered with date agreed with you.
If for some reason we agree on an alternative date with you, we shall use every means possible to deliver the goods you have ordered with date agreed with you.
We can only deliver goods to you during hours displayed on the time slots displayed on our site. We cannot guaranty the exact time of the delivery; it will be in the time range mentioned on the order. If for some reason the Courier is running behind due to traffic or other uncontrollable reasons we will not be responsible for missing the time slot.
If we anticipate any delay in delivery, we shall notify you of such delay as soon as possible.
If we cannot supply you with the goods you have ordered (or by any alternative date we have agreed with you), we shall inform you accordingly and you shall have the option of either:
Accepting a later delivery date, which we propose to you;
Accepting a product similar to the one you have ordered chosen as per our discretion
Accepting Vouchers for refund of payments, which can be used on our store to purchase some other items


Payment methods
All payments must be made in Indian Rupee (and we reserve the right to make any refunds). Our receipt of cleared funds sent by you does not constitute our acceptance of your order.
Payment for goods ordered is processed using the services of EBS or Paypal. Payment may be made by any of the methods below and will be debited when you submit your order.
We will tell you if your payment details cannot be authorized for any reason and may invite you to pay by another method.
All prices on this website are quoted in Indian Rupee and include all taxes where applicable.
Delivery charge
In addition to the price of goods, delivery charges may be payable by you.  A greater charge is applicable to delivery if your location is too far from our shop, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Errors made by us
While we try to ensure that the descriptions, prices, and delivery charges displayed on our website are correct, errors may occur. If, prior to delivery to you, we discover an error in relation to goods you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible and you will then have the option of either:
Confirming your order subject to the corrected description, price or delivery charge;
Canceling your order and receive a refund of payments, which can be used on our store to purchase some other items
Errors made by you
Information that you provide to us by using this website must be accurate and complete. Errors in your order should be corrected prior to the conclusion of our contract. You can correct such error: –
Prior to submitting your order to us: by reentering the relevant information in our online order form, using the “BACK” button where required;
After you have submitted your offer to us: by contacting us prior to acceptance by us of your offer. Our contact details can be found at our site.


Our right to cancel
The sale and supply of goods are always subject to availability of stock, and receipt of your payment in cash or in cleared funds, so:
In the event that we are reasonably unable to supply the goods, which you have ordered due to circumstances beyond our control, we will endeavor to inform you of this as soon as possible and our contract with you will, insofar as it relates to goods, which we are unable to supply, be treated as canceled. Any payment, which you have made, will be refunded to you in full in the form of Vouchers.
In the event that your payment does not clear, is not authorized or is not received after we received your order, we will endeavor to inform you of this as soon as possible and our contract with you will be treated as canceled.
Your right to cancel
You have a right to cancel your order for goods prior to the preparation of your order.
If your order is canceled, we will refund the amount to the card that was charged please give up to 7 business days for the refund to make it.


Rejecting defective goods
If you wish to reject any product we have provided because you believe them to be completely damaged on delivery, you must inform the courier and not accept the package, we are usually able to offer a replacement or a refund in the form of Vouchers.
If you reject goods, which are in every respect, what you ordered (being in accordance with the specification, and not damaged on delivery) and you are not entitled to cancel your contract with us, we reserve the right not to refund your payments.
Circumstances beyond our control
We shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver goods or otherwise perform any obligation as specified in these Terms and Conditions of Sale if the same is wholly or partly caused, whether directly or indirectly, by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of court at Delhi, India only.
You are solely responsible for compliance with any applicable laws of the country from which you access our website.


Queries, comments, and complaints
If there is anything in these terms and conditions, which you do not understand or you have any other queries, comments or have a complaint, please contact us. Our contact details are as follows:


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